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Are local nested functions possible in elisp?

You can also do it without resorting to cl-lib as follows: (defun my-fn (x y) (let ((my-local-fn (lambda (a b) (message "%S" (- a b))))) (funcall my-local-fn x y) (funcall my-local-fn y x))...
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Are local nested functions possible in elisp?

You can use cl-flet or cl-labels from cl-lib. The docstrings: (cl-flet ((FUNC ARGLIST BODY...) ...) FORM...) Probably introduced at or before Emacs version 24.3. Make local function definitions. ...
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How did `cl-flet` got circumvented?

You are out of luck here; this is the correct intended behavior. #'counsel-fzf-action refers to the global function definition of counsel-fzf-action, not the local one. The cl-flet binding is local, ...
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Is there some way to have a local defalias?

No, there really isn’t a built–in way to scope names to a particular file or package. Loading a file just adds new things to the global environment, or changes things in the global environment. The ...
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How did `cl-flet` got circumvented?

There are many options for overriding functions, with many different behaviours. will probably ...
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Is it possible to make a function local to the buffer?

At first the general statement: There is no buffer-local setting for the function cell of a symbol. Now, I am just putting together the comments of lawlist and John Kitchin. One can call an ...
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