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How can I prevent Magit-status command from grabbing the frame focus?

Perhaps it has changed since the answer from March 2018, but setting magit-display-buffer-noselect didn’t work for me (i3 would still raise the Emacs window). I found it necessary to configure Emacs ...
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How to checkout a Pull Request locally using Magit interface?

Execute the instructions below: 1 - execute f 2 - press r as explicit refspec 3 - type origin (since terminal used origin, could be another thing...) 4 - type pull/ID/head:BRANCH_NAME Voilà
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Magit aborts commit that runs with husky precommit hook but the commit works on the command line

The problem in my case was that there was an environment variable required by the recommit hook that was set in my normal shell environment but not within the environment that magit runs commands from ...
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