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Working with remotes used to be fine until Emacs was updated to 26.3 from 26.2 on my Fedora 30 computer. The solution is to set the variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK for Emacs: Check the value of this variable on your system $ echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK Set it from Emacs with value from above. For me it's "/run/user/1000/keyring/ssh". M-x setenv SSH_AUTH_SOCK RET /run/...


Magit's branch creation commands use git branch new-branch start-point, which in some cases automatically sets start-point as the upstream. Unfortunately it does not do so in all cases in which it should do so IMO. The relevant documentation is this: branch.autoSetupMerge Tells git branch, git switch and git checkout to set up new ...


The magit extension forge supports visiting certain things in a browser, but currently that is limited to issues, pull-requests, commits and the repository itself. Files and even locations within files might be supported in the future, or not. While I think this would be nice to have I don't plan to work on it any time soon.


It is possible to add additional commands to the log popup (or any other of its popup), but it would be far from trivial to implement your alias as a Magit command. It is not enough to pass the desired arguments to git, something then also has to parse the output. This is done in one of the darker corners of Magit, see magit-log-wash-rev. You would have to ...


Use the diff dwim command instead (d d); it does what you want it to do in this case too.


I did not remember what I have done here and why, so I went to magit's repository and used magit to find out about its own history. Using l - Fmagit-display-file-buffer-functionRET l I got a limmitted log consisting of a single commit. I looked at that commit ( and behold its ...

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