markdown-follow-thing-at-point (C-c C-o) and also markdown-follow-link-at-point will follow links. If you have a link like [filelink](/path/to/file.md) then calling one of the above functions while cursor is on the markdown link will take you to the file.


I have a quick & dirty proof of concept for markdown-mode. Idea: keep track of the current line (similar to hl-line-mode). Use a font-lock rule to remove the markup hiding for the current line (markdown-mode seems to use display and invisible text properties, so remove those). Re-fontify the local area when moving from one line to another. (defvar my/...


Not an answer to the question (@DoMiNeLa10♦ already answered it perfectly), but I thought that it might be useful to point out that markdown is not the best highlighting mode for git commit messages. There is a perfect mode for this and it is called git-commit, available on Melpa. Adding (setq global-git-commit-mode t) to your init file will automatically ...

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