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Ok, now that we’ve discovered that you actually want to display two messages, your own message plus whatever the code you are running wants to display, we may be able to answer the question. I think you could potentially do what you want by changing the set-message-function variable temporarily. I don’t have time to verify that this will work, but something ...


(defun bar () (interactive) (let ((dirs (diredp-recent-dirs nil))) (message "Recent dirs: \n%s" (mapconcat #'identity dirs "\n"))))


Regarding the specific example case... set-fill-column is a command which is only intended to be used interactively. To set the fill column programmatically, just do this: (setq fill-column 80) Which is exactly what set-fill-column would do, after validating that 80 was a valid argument and displaying the message -- but you don't need anything to validate 80 ...

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