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How to start Emacs without the cmd.exe window (on MS Windows)?

Instead of opening emacs.exe directly, open runemacs.exe. This will open Emacs without the extra window in the background.
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How do I install GnuTLS for Emacs 25.1 on Windows?

@StuartHickinbottom explained what I was doing wrong: using libgnutls-28.dll when Emacs 25.1 requires the newer and incompatible libgnutls-30.dll. Then it was a matter of finding binaries of libgnutls-...
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Git Bash in emacs on Windows

The ^[] noise is coming from various terminal control characters in your shell prompt. Try echo $PS1 to see the full sequence, and try e.g. export PS1='$ ' to see that a simpler prompt string removes ...
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unicode.txt slowness

Reading the GitHub discussion thread linked in @wvxvw’s comment, I discovered the variable inhibit-compacting-font-caches. Setting it to non-nil solves the issue: (setq inhibit-compacting-font-caches ...
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aspell with emacs 26.1 on ms windows

You can install aspell or hunspell with https://www.msys2.org/. MSYS2 has native binaries for aspell available which are compatible with Emacs 26.1. Note you can also install emacs using MSYS2 as well....
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Magit extremely slow in Windows. How do I optimize?

I have actually done rather a lot of research on this and fundamentally the problem is that git for windows sucks This is the upstream bug: https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues/596 and it ...
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Avoid cmd window for pinned emacs on Windows 10

Start Emacs by running runemacs.exe as describe in the link in the question above. Right-click on the Emacs icon and pin it to the taskbar. Right-click on the Emacs icon again, then right-click on the ...
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How to remap backward-delete and help command while using Emacs from a terminal emulator?

From the Emacs manual, node DEL Does Not Delete: On a text terminal, if you find that <BACKSPACE> prompts for a Help command, like Control-h, instead of deleting a character, it means ...
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Setting up emacsclient on MS windows

I am not so sure about the advice in the emacswiki page. What you want to do is to the following: Launch an emacs client connected to the running emacs server. If the emacs server is not running, ...
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aspell with emacs 26.1 on ms windows

Yes, hunspell is THE spell-checker to use with emacs 26.1, as there's no windows binary of aspell 0.6 for the time being, and no one can foretell when there will be one. I tried hunspell this morning ...
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Easiest way to install Emacs Windows support libraries

Beginning with Emacs 25, the Emacs Windows download directory now includes a deps package that includes all the dependencies for a particular architecture. For example, for x86_64, use emacs-25-x86_64-...
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Org-mode: No images to display inline

In addition to the above points there is one more detail. If clicking the link displays the image correctly in a new buffer, but toggling org-display-inline-images returns the message No images to ...
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How to build Emacs master branch (aka trunk) on MS-Windows

It is recommended that users read the entire ../emacs/nt/INSTALL contained within the Emacs source code. Quick Start -- 5 Easy Steps: This answer was tested on WindowsXP--SP3. The installation ...
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Where is official 64-bit Emacs for Windows? (The manual said there is!)

As of December 2016, there is now a 64-bit version of GNU Emacs for Windows on the official GNU downloads sites. From the FAQ: GNU Emacs FAQ for MS Windows At time of writing, the latest version ...
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GUI Emacs sets the exec-path only from Windows environment variable but not from .emacs file

PATH vs exec-path The PATH environment variable lists directories for programs to find executable files (when executing a non-absolute filename). The exec-path Emacs variable lists directories for ...
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eww ---> libxml2 library not found

As @Drew noted, Emacs doesn't include this library so on Windows you need to install it separately. See the Emacs README.w32 section "Optional dependency libraries" for more information. As of Emacs ...
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your emacs does not come with xwidget support... (Windows 10)

I don't use Emacs on Windows, nor do I use xwidgets, but I do know that Emacs has to be compiled with xwidgets (since some of its stuff is written in C) for it to work. Taking a cursory look at the ...
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How to install GNU Emacs on Windows 10 Pro?

Some third-party Windows package managers offer a straightforward installation of GNU Emacs on Windows 7+. Notes: Chocolatey requires an administrative shell access, whereas Scoop does not and makes ...
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Using find command on windows

I'll add this solution here as modifying the PATH can have unwanted side effects elsewhere. To set the find program to the wanted find.exe, for example provided by git: (setq find-program "c:/Git/usr/...
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How do I set up my .emacs.d folder on Windows?

I really like the answer posted by @Ryan here. ;; Place this file in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming and point to the appropriate files (setq user-init-file "C:/path/to/.emacs") (setq user-emacs-...
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Org-babel invoking cmd.exe

In spite of what I wrote in the comments one can set cmd as shell in ob-sh! The only thing to be aware of is that one needs to use cmdproxy.exe instead of cmd.exe to get the output to stdout right. ...
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Is it possible to use Bash for Windows as the term in Emacs for Windows

In my .emacs I first define a function like so (defun my-bash-on-windows-shell () (let ((explicit-shell-file-name "C:/Windows/System32/bash.exe")) (shell))) and I call at the bottom using: (...
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Windows: Open files by default application

Press W in dired mode (Emacs 26.1, official MS Windows built), which is bound by default to browse-url-of-dired-file. The documentation string is restrictive by saying In Dired, ask a WWW browser ...
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Comparing two text files on a Windows system

If you have git for windows installed, then it is enough to add C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\ to your PATH, because it already ships with a diff executable and installs it in that folder.
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How do I set up hunspell on a Windows PC?

Emacs setup: (setq ispell-program-name "c:/what-ever-path/hunspell") ;; "en_US" is key to lookup in `ispell-local-dictionary-alist'. ;; Please note it will be passed as default ...
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What is the relationship between Emacs and various spellcheckers (ispell, etc.)?

Quote from Emacs manual: 16.4 Checking and Correcting Spelling This section describes the commands to check the spelling of a single word or of a portion of a buffer. These commands only ...
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Is there a gccemacs (native-comp) build for MS-Windows?

Thanks to many people and their work here, the emacs native-compilation feature is now available on windows 10. Still yet you have to compile it yourself (from the Emacs master branch). First install ...
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Open Russian file names on windows?

There is a new feature in Emacs from version 24.4 for using Unicode strings to access filenames in Windows. This allows using filenames containing characters that are not in the locale's 8-bit ...
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Setting up Ditaa in Org-mode

I am afraid that moving files manually will mess up my system, confuse my package manager and only work until the next update. Instead, you can simply added the true path for ditaa.jar to your .emacs ...
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Helm: helm-find-files: how find files recursive?

Just type TAB, input shell and RET use Find shell command to find files with filename recursively. Or simply C-c /
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