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Found the answer on stackoverflow. ;; Disable the system cursor caused by screen reader etc. (setq w32-use-visible-system-caret nil) Helps to know that you need to search for "caret" instead of "cursor".


The culprit is the calendar code: it needs special treatment. See Calendar Localization in the Emacs Wiki. You need to add this code (setq calendar-week-start-day 0 calendar-day-name-array ["Domingo" "Segunda" "Terça" "Quarta" "Quinta" "Sexta" "Sábado"] calendar-month-name-array ["Janeiro" "Fevereiro" "...


No. Emacs on MS Windows uses the GNU/Unix conventions of ~ and / as directory separator, just fine. See also the Emacs manual, nodes Minibuffer File and Windows HOME. (And on MS Windows be sure to define environment variable HOME.)


Since Apple deprecated bash in favour of zsh, a message appears on login about ‘default interactive shell is now zsh’. This seems to mess with Tramp. To disable it, add export BASH_SILENCE_DEPRECATION_WARNING=1 to your .bash_profile


I am (almost exclusively) using Emacs on WSL1. I've got X11 support by VcXsrv. It is very stable. You can mount Windows paths as drvfs. No problem there! My $HOME is my %USERPROFILE%. You can even mount windows network paths and usb drives. File access is much faster under WSL1 and even once more faster under WSL2. It is even possible to use magit under WSL....

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