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As @NickD suggested in a comment, try customizing or binding variable use-dialog-box to nil, to use the keyboard (minibuffer input) to confirm y/n even when you click the push button with the mouse. (Using keyboard Enter (RET) on the button will always use the minibuffer for (keyboard) confirmation.)


Try adding minibuffer-quit to debug-ignored-errors. You can do this using: (add-to-list 'debug-ignored-errors 'minibuffer-quit)


You are unfortunately going to have to use two functions: one that does the work and one that exits Ido. (defun ido-visit-buffer-other-window () (interactive) (let ((buf (car ido-matches)) entry) (cond ((get-buffer buf) (add-to-history 'buffer-name-history buf) (ido-visit-buffer buf 'other-window t)) ((and ido-enable-...

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