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Since you mention Dired+, Menu-bar menu Dir, submenu Navigation has these items, with associated keyboard keys: Next Dirline (>) Prev Dirline (<) Next Subdir (C-M-n) Prev Subdir (C-M-p) Up Directory (^) Tree Up (C-M-u) Tree Down (C-M-d) Move To This Subdir (i) C-M-u and C-M-d are the same in vanilla Dired. Vanilla Dired also offers (less useful) ...


1. (defun my/dired-last-file () (interactive) (end-of-buffer) (dired-next-line -1)) 2. (defun my/dired-first-file () (interactive) (beginning-of-buffer) (while (and (not (eobp)) (or (bolp) (member (dired-get-filename 'no-dir t) '("." "..")))) (dired-next-line 1))) Bind <...


To discover an existing command that moves up or down lines, use command apropos-command, bound to C-h a by default. Commands involving lines often have line in their name. So try that: C-h a line RET. Among the displayed command names and their descriptions, you'll find next-line and previous-line.

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