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C-u C-s allows you to search for a regexp forward. C-s again recalls the last regexp used. The following function finds the beginning of the next highlighted region. It prompts for a highlight color so that is not really comfortable. I know it but I do not know the exact circumstance you want to use it. You can easily improve it. (defun beginning-of-next-...


The slime REPL buffer is is REPL mode. You can get information about the mode with C-h m. That is useful in that it shows you the keymap for the mode, and among other things, you will see that C-c C-p is bound to slime-repl-previous-prompt. Here is an excerpt from the description: REPL mode defined in ‘slime-repl.el’: Major mode for interacting with a ...


backward-sexp, bound to C-M-b by default`, would do it. Of course, if you’re nested inside several s–expressions then you would need to press it multiple times. So perhaps you want beginning-of-defun, bound to C-M-a, instead.

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