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You can automate like this (based on ;; Always BCC myself ;; (defun my-add-header () "Add CC: and Bcc: to myself header." (save-excursion (message-add-header (concat "CC: " "\n&...


I came up with this pure mu4e solution. M-x my-mu4e-header-mark-duplicated will mark the first of each duplication message set (defined by identical :message-id and :flags) in *mu4e-headers* for further actions. Set (setq mu4e-headers-skip-duplicates nil) as this requires duplicated messages to be visible in the *mu4e-headers* buffer. (defvar *my-mu4e-...


Have you tried C-c M-n while writing the message? This at least should cover part of the answer. Regarding the visibility of the return receipt pop-up in mu4e, according to this thread such functionality does not exist at the moment

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