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(advice-add #'undo-tree :filter-return #'undo-tree-advice-history-save-file-name) This advises the function undo-tree, whereas the defadvice form advises undo-tree-make-history-save-file-name. The equivalent advice-add would be (advice-add 'undo-tree-make-history-save-file-name :filter-return #'undo-tree-advice-history-save-file-name)


I tried pp-macroexpand-last-sexp on define-advice block and it turns out that I was right, it is a macro that uses advice-add behind the scenes, but it implicitly creates a defun (since using lambdas for hooks and advising is a "no-no"), so you don't have to do it yourself. It's confusing because frankly define-advice doesn't seem to reduce the code that ...


Yes, it's normal. The code is byte-compiled on the fly. See nadvice.el (advice-p, for example). Because of this it can help to give a piece of advice a user-friendly name, which can kind of describe it. FWIW, you might want to take a look at the dynamic Isearch filtering available with Isearch+. It gives you easy ways to add, combine, and remove Isearch ...


Untested, but your (interactive) form doesn't tell Emacs how to obtain the FUNCTION argument, so that's presumably your problem.

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