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How can I automate rescheduling overdue daily tasks?

I found an answer to another question which solves this problem using a custom agenda bulk action. The following should be added to config.el: ;; Add bulk action shortcut to reschedule task to today, ...
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How can I see a list of DONE tasks in org-agenda sorted by closed date?

I know this is an old question, but I was trying to do the same thing and ended cooking something up. So I might as well share. Since there doesn't seem to be anything of the sort available out of the ...
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How to make org-agenda time-grid :LOGBOOK: entries appear in the same format as entries logged with CLOSED:

Thanks to @NickD for telling me where to find it. Indeed the solution is to change the definition of (org-agenda-get-progress). The part to be changed is about 20 lines up from the end of the function....
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