exporting, converting, printing, and publishing Org documents to a variety of other formats using Org mode's export facilities. PDF, HTML, ASCII, etc., are some of the common export formats.

The Org mode export facilities include a full complement of exporting, printing, converting, and publishing functions. Use the tag for any question pertaining to these topics and augment with more specific tags related to these specific functions. For example, if the question is about creating a PDF file, then tag with both and .

Some features of also operate on buffers unrelated to Org mode. They are primarily used in and in foreign buffers for in-place conversion of lists and tables from Org syntax to another. For such questions, add a tag for the as well.

The facility in Org mode now has a centralized dispatch menu from which various export formats can be accessed. Each format has its own specialized back-end engine that caters to the specifics of that format. For example, one back-end generates a simple ASCII output, while another may rely on an external engine to produce sophisticated layouts for offset printing. Some engines, such as , provide direct conversion from org format to ODT format. Some engines, such as and , convert Org markup tags during export. Some built-in features of Emacs and Org mode, such Contacts, Calendar or Reminders, rely on for conversions as well. When tagging questions, please include the appropriate specific tags besides .