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How to Restore File System Access in macOS Catalina actually launches using a ruby script. As a result, MacOS Catalina (or later, up to at least Ventura) uses the permissions set for ruby, not the permissions for Open General ...
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How to start Emacs from the Terminal window as a GUI application (macOS)

According to Emacswiki "Homebrew has Emacs 26.1 as of January 2019" and "Homebrew now recommends to use the cask version". The message that Homebrew gives is "Please try the ...
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Failed to download 'gnu' archive

Add the following before package-initialize: (setq gnutls-algorithm-priority "NORMAL:-VERS-TLS1.3") This is apparently a bug in Emacs 26.2 for MacOS. I found this solution in this reddit thread.
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how install emacs 26 (or whatever latest ver) on mac

Have a look at brew emacs recipe options with brew info emacs. It has this option: --devel Install development version 26.0.90 To replace your current emacs, run: brew unlink emacs brew ...
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OS X emacs: difference between X11 vs NS vs Cocoa?

There are a number of Emacs versions for macOS, including: The official Emacs on macOS is build using the "NS" port, also known as the "cocoa" port. As the name suggests, this port of Emacs ...
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How to remove the icon in the titlebar?

In emacs 26 you can set ns-use-proxy-icon (setq ns-use-proxy-icon nil) I was able to get a completely "clean" transparent title bar: Download emacs 26 for mac, add the following config to your ....
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emacs on terminal does not recognise option as alt-key on mac

I solve the problem with answer of ohruunuruus. Maybe post a snapshot will be more easy to understand.
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Install Pdf-Tools on Emacs MacOSX

For me, as of April 13, 2017, a reliable way to install pdf-tools on OS X (Mavericks/Sierra) is to use the following pdf-tools config and directions (in the comments): ;;; Install epdfinfo via 'brew ...
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Emacs 28.2 error in macOS Ventura: `image-type: Invalid image type ‘svg’`

This is an issue with the way Emacs initializes its image support on macOS Ventura. It's fixed on the current master branch, and will be in Emacs 29 when that is released. See
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Why can't I list the contents of Desktop on macos using dired?

If you find the problem persists after granting Emacs full disk access: from here on the problem remains because Emacs on MacOS gets launched indirectly, from a Ruby script. Your Emacs binary has full ...
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How to Restore File System Access in macOS Catalina

@Chris's answer also resolves a different problem for me (which had the same root cause): I'm recording it here to make this answer more findable. I was getting the error "Listing directory failed ...
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Finder of MacOS Catalina cannot open a file with Emacs

If your Emacs is downloaded from, launches a binary via a ruby script Modify ...
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For MacOS: how to bind left and right option keys separately?

You're almost there. By default, the ns-XXXXX-modifier variables affect both the left and right versions of the key. However, you can change the right one with ns-right-XXXXX-modifier. So: to set ...
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Emacs 28.2 error in macOS Ventura: `image-type: Invalid image type ‘svg’`

I tried a little workaround to see if it works - overriding image-type-available-p like this: ;; overriding image.el function image-type-available-p (defun image-type-available-p (type) "Return ...
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Cocoa Emacs 24.5 Font Issues (Inconsolata-dz)

Emacs doesn't allow fonts that have hyphens in them. I would rename the font to something that doesn't contain hyphens. You can do this using ttx. For example, assuming you have a font named ...
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how install emacs 26 (or whatever latest ver) on mac

A current (at time of this comment) way to install the GUI version of Emacs (26.2 at this time) on macOS Mojave is with brew cask install emacs This will install package in to /...
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How do I use Mac/OSX key bindings with Spacemacs?

Spacemacs has a "layer" called "osx" that should do everything you want. Just put osx in the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers ...
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Emacs 28.2 error in macOS Ventura: `image-type: Invalid image type ‘svg’`

This seems to only happen when you have an .emacs file. I too just installed Emacs with brew install --cask emacs and it was working fine until I added an .emacs file. (I compulsively disable tool-bar-...
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How can I retrieve an HTTPS URL on Mac OS X without warnings about an untrusted authority?

Add /private/etc/ssl/cert.pem to gnutls-trustfiles: M-x customize-variable Customize variable: gnutls-trustfiles Select the last [INS] Bundle filename: /private/etc/ssl/cert.pem Select [ Apply and ...
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Using conda environments in emacs

I have recently incorporated Anaconda into my python development and was having similar problems setting up Emacs + flycheck + linters. This answer got me up and running, but I've modified it, since ...
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How can I adjust the fixed-width of a Neotree buffer?

You can disable neo-window-fixed-size and restart Neotree.
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How to set up elpy to use python3?

You can solve this by modifying the python shell configuration from python to python3 in elpy-config M-x elpy-config to enter the configuration page of elpy if you scroll down you will see groups ...
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OSX: Switching to virtual desktop doesn't focus Emacs

The behavior you described is specific to Emacs Mac port and can be observed when the menu bar is globally disabled. Enabling it should make Emacs behave like other applications on OS X. I emailed ...
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How to sort directories first in dired?

As @lawlist mentioned, you need to install coreutils as the ls command which ships with mac does not have the option to sort directories first. If you have homebrew, you could just type brew install ...
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How to sort directories first in dired?

Use standard Emacs library ls-lisp. (require 'ls-lisp) Customize these two user options (you can just use setq to set them in your init file, if you prefer): ls-lisp-dirs-first to t ls-lisp-use-...
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how install emacs 26 (or whatever latest ver) on mac

Unfortunately brew linkapps is now deprecated. You can use brew cask install emacs but it doesn't allow you to download emacs 26 as of 4/1/2018. EDIT: As Guilherme Salomé pointed out, now brew cask ...
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Python in org babel will not work

Ah. It's entirely possible python is actually working; depending on exactly how you've set up your python src blocks in Org, you may simply not be getting any results. You may know this already, but ...
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How do I keep Mac Emacs from trapping M-`?

What's going on here is that ⌘-⇥ is a low-level hotkey that can't be intercepted (a good thing, too, since it may be one of your only escape hatches if a full-screen game hangs, along with the force-...
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Error retrieving:

For me, a fix is: (when (equal emacs-version "27.2") (setq gnutls-algorithm-priority "NORMAL:-VERS-TLS1.3")) I found this at Error retrieving:
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