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"zsh:1: command not found: git" Emacs App on MacOS

It also complains about not finding tr. I suspect that you've changed your PATH environment variable to something invalid such that it doesn't contain /usr/bin anymore.
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Align columns in Org Mode with Korean letters

I'm more than three years late, but it can be fixed using face-font-rescale-alist. For instance, with JuliaMono 15pt, D2Coding font can be scaled x1.2 to match the width: (set-frame-font "...
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TRAMP and `projectile-ag`, `projectile-ripgrep` cause kernel panic and complete crash of Mac OS

I can’t help you with your crash, but when editing files via TRAMP, you must run tools like ag and rg via TRAMP as well. They must be installed on the remote machine to work. Since they’re not part of ...
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Org Mode link to open directory in Dired

On Windows, with a link like this: [[file:~/projects][Projects]] Left mouse click opens the directory in File Explorer. Right mouse click opens the directory in dired.
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