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Setting default font to Inconsolata doesn’t work in Emacs 29/macOS

I’m not sure where I originally got Inconsolata from; you can find it at Raph Levien’s site, downloadable in OpenType (.otf) format. Drew suggested I look here and here, and the conclusion is that it’...
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__PYTHON_EL_eval_file prints in interpreter when sending python file from buffer using C-x C-l

This is a modified version of guibor's answer. It does the same thing but with basic Elisp: (defun python-comint-filter (output) (replace-regexp-in-string "__PYTHON_EL_eval.+\n" "&...
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How do you run Emacs on mac?

Assuming you've downloaded the Mac app to your Applications folder (you can get it from you can just alias the binary in the app bundle. In your .zshrc: alias emacs='/...
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Emacs PS printing problem

Clearly Emacs is generating the postscript file and submitting it using the lpr program correctly. But lpr returns an error. That’s where you should begin your investigation. lpr is part of CUPS, so ...
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