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(defun tabbar-mode () (lambda (x) (message "%s"))) (add-to-list 'load-path (concat dotfiles-dir "zone")) (require 'zone-matrix) (require 'zone-matrix-settings) (require 'zone-settings) (setq zone-programs [zone-matrix]) (zone-when-idle 60) This is all you need. This assumes that you have zone-matrix in ~/.emacs.d/zone as I do. It also ...


This does not seem to be the strategy followed by most packages, which instead create a distinct *-autoloads.el file for each source equipped with the magic autoload comments It is not the package that is responsible for this, but the built-in package manager, package.el. (perhaps to avoid cluttering loaddefs.el). I'm not familiar with the history behind -...


So after comparing the TLS related variables between vanilla Emacs and Doomemacs, and playing around with some of the settings, the following allows me access to gemini websites: (setq gnutls-verify-error 'nil) I have no idea what security implications that has, but that gets things working at least.

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