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Enabling minibuffer pinentry with Emacs 25 and GnuPG 2.1 on Ubuntu Xenial

You also have to Explicitely enable loopback mode for pinentry in your gpg-agent.conf. Configure epa to use loopback for pinentry. Start the pinentry server in emacs, 1. Enable Emacs pinentry and ...
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How to prevent Emacs from showing passphrase in `M-x shell`?

In Shell mode, Emacs detects password prompts based on the prompt. If it sees Password: (or Enter new password:, or Passwort:, or Wachtwoord: or a number of variations), it assumes that you're ...
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Enabling minibuffer pinentry with Emacs 25 and GnuPG 2.1 on Ubuntu Xenial

For setups with GnuPG >= 2.1, pinentry package is not needed anymore. Quote from the Emacs News.26 file: ** The pinentry.el library has been removed. That package (and the corresponding change in ...
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gpg password entry in minibuffer, not popup

Have you tried installing gpg version greater than 2.1, and then (setq epa-pinentry-mode 'loopback)? This should prompt for the password in the minibuffer. Edit: epa-pinentry-mode has been marked ...
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Magit how to use ssh key rather than being prompted for password

Edit ~/.ssh/config so that it contains the following: Host IdentitiesOnly yes IdentityFile ~/.ssh/your_ssh_key Then whenever magit asks git to ask ssh to talk to, ssh will ...
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Is it normal for a package to request [sudo] in order to install a package? (this case pdf-tools) concerned about password integrity

The reason you were asked for your password was that apt-get install was being invoked to install the additional software (poppler and friends) needed by pdf-tools. 1) Is this typical? No -- the ...
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Emacs: Get user input when using interactive Python with `getpass`

To make jpkotta's solution work for Windows, you need to use def my_getpass(prompt): if os.isatty(0): return getpass.getpass(prompt) else: return input(prompt) This is ...
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Emacs: Get user input when using interactive Python with `getpass`

On Linux, it works just like input() (terminates with RET, input is visible). getpass relies on setting the terminal correctly, and inferior python mode isn't a standard terminal. For example, if ...
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Magit how to use ssh key rather than being prompted for password

The issue was that the remote url was set to https rather than ssh following these steps fixed the issue
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how to use minibuffer instead of pop-up window for GPG files?

I am moving my comment to an answer explaining how pinentry-emacs works because of formatting pinentry-emacs stops the window from popping up that asks for your password and insteads asks for your ...
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At the time of prompting for a password (from a subordinate shell), sometimes Emacs hides the password, sometimes not. Why the inconsistency?

comint uses a regular expression to recognize password prompts: comint-password-prompt-regexp. It's fairly complicated in an attempt to catch as many variations as possible, but it is conceivable (and ...
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User-friendly setup of Emacs with GPG, mu4e, and mu4e-send-delay

This was intended as a comment, but it's too long, hopefully it will give you some hints. Right now I don't have a mac to try OSX configs, but this is what I have now: pinentry: pinentry-program /...
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Is there a way to prevent keyboard echo while entering a password in shell-mode?

If you want Emacs to behave like a terminal, you need to use one of the terminal emulation packages, such as: term, ansi-term, or vterm (and maybe eat, but I've never tried it).
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Unable to authenticate sending mail using smtpmail-send-it to gmail, "Username and Password not Accepted"

This issue was solved when I manually edited my password in pass via pass edit to be equivalent to my app password that's stored elsewhere inpass` for imap mail ...
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Encrypt excerpts in org file (passwords only)

Partial solution that hides passwords, but does not enctrypt: (defvar mypasshide-prefix-re "^pass: *") (defun mypasshide--toggle-display (overlay hide) "Hide or reveal region. ...
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Tramp hangs even without prompting passcode

The issue seems to be the inability of Emacs 24.3 to handle RSA token passcode request. To solve this issue I upgraded to Emacs 24.5 employing Linuxbrew as follows brew install linuxbrew/xorg/xorg ...
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