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While switching configurations I've came across this issue yet again and I believe I have a workaround for this if you're still interested. The steps I do to reproduce: start fresh emacs, venv-workon to activate a virtualenv, open a python buffer, try elpy-goto-definition, receive the same error message you did. (elpy-config confirms everything is ok) Now, ...


It is caused due to common * syntax of lists and italics. For deeply nested lists, parsing gets expensive due to recursive checks for italics. If you are willing to abandon *italics* syntax in favor of _italics_ then the computational overhead can be avoided. (defconst markdown-regex-italic "\\(?:^\\|[^\\]\\)\\(?1:\\(?2:[_]\\)\\(?3:[^ \n\t\\]\\|[^ \...


This does it: (setq use-package-verbose t use-package-minimum-reported-time 0) We get in *Messages*: Loading package x...done (0.021s) Configuring package x...done (0.020s) Loading package y...done (0.025s) Configuring package y...done (0.020s) Loading package z...done (0.041s) Configuring package z...done (0.020s)

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