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How to install smart-mode-line powerline theme with use-package

have you tried that for example: (use-package smart-mode-line-powerline-theme :ensure t :after powerline :after smart-mode-line :config (sml/setup) (sml/apply-theme 'powerline) )
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I'd like a global mode-line in my frame

The mode-line is a feature implemented in the C code with lots of ad-hoc special code deep in the redisplay and window-handling code for it. This code does not support "one mode-line per frame" at ...
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how to add date and time into spacemacs' mode line

What worked for me was the following. (spaceline-define-segment datetime (shell-command-to-string "echo -n $(date '+%a %d %b %I:%M%p')")) (spaceline-spacemacs-theme 'datetime) I had to put that ...
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Powerline: how to show whether buffer is modified more prominently

I use spaceline. Basically it's built on top of powerline and let you build your mode-line by adding several segments one after the other (in both left and right sections). For instance, the ...
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how to add date and time into spacemacs' mode line

Mine's working great just with: (setq display-time-format "%H:%M:%S %a,%d %b %Y") (display-time)
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How can I slightly modify an emacs powerline theme?

The best place to start is with M-x list-faces-display This will open a buffer which shows the names for all currently defined faces and show their current setting. If you click on one of the face ...
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Using larger font with Powerline

Okay, I misunderstood how the :powerline-scale parameter works. To use with a larger font, I need to make it larger rather then smaller. For my situation, I scale factor of 1.5 seems to fix the ...
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Mode line overflow/interference with Spaceline

Powerline (and thus spaceline) inherits font properties from the fonts mode-line and mode-line-inactive. At one point these fonts must have added an underline, visible in the image by this ugly grey ...
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Displaying workgroup details on powerline or telephone-line modeline

After intense research on Emacs modeline and workgroups2 code, I finally figured it out! Turns out that the expression wg-mode-line-string can be used to construct a segment for telephone-line like (...
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How do I hide which-func from powerline in 24.5?

This works for me: (let ((which-func '(which-func-mode ("" which-func-format " ")))) (setq-default mode-line-format (remove which-func mode-line-format)) (setq-default mode-line-misc-info (...
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Emacs powerline inconsistent colors behind arrows

I don't know if this is applicable to this specific case, but for powerline/spaceline users, even though (setq ns-use-srgb-colorspace nil) fixes the colors, it does this by applying the bad colors to ...
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How to make persistent buffer list above frame like in vim powerline

Have you tried C-x C-b (list-buffers)? That gives you a list of buffers in another window. It will remain visible, depending on what keys you use to access the listed buffers. ? in that window tells ...
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