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12 votes

Org mode: is it possible to display ONLINE images?

And again we have a use-case for image data not stored on harddisk. (The other two use-cases are base64 encoded images in org buffers and displaying previews of youtube videos.) Get org-yt and paste ...
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5 votes

Live view an html document in emacs

Live preview of Markdown in Emacs is discussed in the terrific Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs and also at the Emacs wiki. The markdown-preview-eww package will use Emacs' build-in eww browser to ...
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3 votes

preview and edit side-by-side, maybe by syncronizing buffers?

Partial answer: you can have two buffers with the same content but different buffer-specific settings, such as different cursor positions (that aren't forgotten if the buffer isn't displayed in a ...
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2 votes

Preview images, and PDFs inside a SSH terminal session or inside emacsclient session via SSH?

If you run Emacs on your local machine, and open files on the remote machine via Tramp, you can view remote files as if they were on your local machine, you don't need to do anything special. ESS also ...
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2 votes

Babel Lilypond Paper-Size (Preview & Export)

The issue was fixed in f78a3c2b. The code below is no longer needed. I updated to reflect changes in the lilypond codebase, so I think the problem is fixed, but let me know either way. ...
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1 vote

Babel Lilypond Paper-Size (Preview & Export)

I use this config for small examples and guitar chords. It works fine when exported. \paper { indent = 0\mm top-margin = 100\mm bottom-margin = 100\mm line-width=120\mm ...
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1 vote

How can I live-preview org-mode for readme files?

You can try exporting as html and view it in a browser. Simplest is C-c C-e h h (bound to org-html-export-to-html) which produces a basic html file. If you need more than this for testing, ...
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1 vote

Make flymd accept other file extensions

Based on the source of flymd, you need to add \.txt\' to the option flymd-markdown-file-type as well, using M-x customize-option.
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