I discovered this functionality is already built-in to Helm. To use it, use the up and down arrows and press C-up/C-down.


And again we have a use-case for image data not stored on harddisk. (The other two use-cases are base64 encoded images in org buffers and displaying previews of youtube videos.) Get org-yt and paste the following elisp code into your init-file. After evaluating your init-file you can use links analog to the example: [[imghttp://tn-home.de/Pic/tn-home.png]]...


As of markdown-mode 2.1, this is functionality is provided in markdown-live-preview-mode (bound to C-c C-c l). It uses eww for rendering the HTML. Screenshot:


Here's a pretty long but efficient solution. Install simple-httpd and M-x httpd-start. Install markdown from your system's package manager. Open your markdown buffer and run markdown-export. That produces a HTML file in the same directory. Open that HTML file. Install impatient-mode and M-x impatient-mode. Go back to your markdown file. Finally, evaluate ...


This StackOverflow question is the same as yours. And the accepted answer by the OP is a good one. There are other good answers there, as well. Similarly, this question to help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org is essentially the same also. My own answer to both questions is to use Icicles and to define this command: (defun my-find-file () "Like `icicle-find-...


Others will no doubt mention packages that are made specifically for handling images. This answer, about some more general features, might nevertheless help. Dired+ provides a few enhancements regarding image files. Most of these require standard library image-dired.el. One of them, command diredp-do-display-images, which displays all of the marked image ...


Live preview of Markdown in Emacs is discussed in the terrific Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs and also at the Emacs wiki. The markdown-preview-eww package will use Emacs' build-in eww browser to preview Markdown in a separate pane within Emacs: A few other solutions will auto-refresh external web browsers as one types, notably Impatient Mode and Livedown....


Based on the source of flymd, you need to add \.txt\' to the option flymd-markdown-file-type as well, using M-x customize-option.


Putting (require 'tex-fold) (add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook 'TeX-fold-mode) in .emacs then M-x TeX-fold-buffer (or the shortcut C-c C-o C-b) can do what I was looking for.

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