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__PYTHON_EL_eval_file prints in interpreter when sending python file from buffer using C-x C-l

This is a modified version of guibor's answer. It does the same thing but with basic Elisp: (defun python-comint-filter (output) (replace-regexp-in-string "__PYTHON_EL_eval.+\n" "&...
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How to evaluate python code in org-mode when only python3 is provided by the package manager?

(use-package ob-python :custom (org-babel-python-command "python3")) #+begin_src emacs-lisp :exports results :results none (use-package ob-python :custom (org-babel-python-command "...
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use output of python code block from other python code block

The default :results header is value. So, org gets the value by wrapping the code in a function definition in the language of the source block. Code should execute like a function and return a value. ...
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