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That CL line is stale, I will remove it. To achieve what you want use: (add-hook 'lsp-after-apply-edits-hook (lambda (operation) (when (eq operation 'rename) (save-buffer)))) In general, I use projectile-save-project-buffers for this usecase.


One good solution that works here is by using simply pydoc (not helm-pydoc). Put your cursor somewhere on open and do M-x pydoc-at-point-no-jedi. Of course, you can bind some shortcut for it also.


Regarding the specific example case... set-fill-column is a command which is only intended to be used interactively. To set the fill column programmatically, just do this: (setq fill-column 80) Which is exactly what set-fill-column would do, after validating that 80 was a valid argument and displaying the message -- but you don't need anything to validate 80 ...


I solved the issue by creating a new conda environment and installing jedi-0.18.0, parso-0.8.2, and service_factory-0.1.6, which are the versions which appear as compatible with anaconda-mode, along with python-3.9.7. With this environment company works well. To see the versions I checked the file located in the folder .emacs.d/elpa/anaconda-...

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