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How to use eglot to set analyze path for python project?

As far as I can find here, you can use 'project.el facilities' to set the root dir for an 'eglot project'. Then, the initial comment of the project.el file mentions that the VCS project type can also ...
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python-shell-completion-complete-or-indent (Tab, in an inferior python mode shell) completes "__PYTHON_EL_eval_file"

I found the following workaround. I wish I better understood where this problem stems from though. (defun my-python-completion-filter (completions) "Filter out the unwanted '__PYTHON_EL' from ...
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org-src-mode send commands to repl in named python :session, not *Python*

I've found a much simpler (if somewhat more primitive) solution: If you use pyvenv in your sessions like I do, and already need to have an emacs-lisp block before your python sessions anyways, it's ...
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