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How to prevent displaying "Quit" when pressing C-g?

The main job of C-g (keyboard-quit) is to raise the quit signal. The message “Quit” comes from the error-message property of the symbol quit. You can make this an empty string: (put 'quit 'error-...
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with-local-quit: do I need to set quit-flag to nil?

Quit flag The quit flag is part of the elisp evaluator itself. C-h v quit-flag Typing C-g sets ‘quit-flag’ to t, regardless of ‘inhibit-quit’, but ‘inhibit-quit’ non-nil prevents anything from taking ...
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How to recover a runaway emacs?

You can try multiple C-g. Better yet, you can try ESC ESC ESC. And you can try C-]. And if Emacs is somewhat responsive you might be able to use M-x top-level, to exit all recursive edits. See the ...
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