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sgml-mode will not set up the key bindings to insert replacements for ' and " if you set sgml-specials to nil, as long as do that before sgml-mode is loaded.


A quoted list doesn't evaluate its args, so it consists of a string, a list containing a symbol and another string. You can selectively evaluate it using backquote and unquote: `("foo" ,(foobar) "bar") ;=> ("foo" "foobar" "bar") (string-join `("foo" ,(foobar) "bar") "|") ;=>...


The docstring for quote addresses when it should (and shouldn't) be used: Return the argument, without evaluating it. ‘(quote x)’ yields ‘x’. Warning: ‘quote’ does not construct its return value, but just returns the value that was pre-constructed by the Lisp reader (see info node ‘Printed Representation’). This means that '(a . b) is not identical to (...

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