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I would suggest using ivy-prescient. It is a package that provides sorting and filtering for ivy. After installing it, you enable it with ivy-prescient-mode. For more details on it's usage see its usage README section.


This is a solution that doesn't require the entire block to be sorted, instead it moved the line up/down until it's sorted compared to lines directly above/below it. (defun sort-line-in-block () "Sort the current line relative to surrounding lines in the same block. Blocks are delimited by empty lines. " (interactive) (let* ( (pt-init (...


Needs some helper functions. Requested command at bottom: (setq empty-line-p-chars "^[ \t\r]*$") (defun empty-line-p () "Return t if cursor is at an empty line, nil otherwise." (save-excursion (beginning-of-line) (looking-at empty-line-p-chars))) (defun ar-beginning-of-indent () "Go to the beginning of a section of equal indent." (...

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