I struggled with this one for quite a while since I wanted the same thing. This is what I did: Defining a segment is quite straight forward and the documentation is very good in that sense. But that's not enough to get it to show what you want. So, first define a segment that can show Narrowed when you narrow into some defun, region or whatever: (spaceline-...


Add this to your dotspacemacs/user-config function: (spaceline-define-segment buffer-id (if (buffer-file-name) (abbreviate-file-name (buffer-file-name)) (powerline-buffer-id)))


You should call (powerline-reset) as the last entry in your use-package config for spaceline. So it should look something like this: (use-package spaceline :ensure t :init (progn ;; size of modeline (setq powerline-height 18) (setq spaceline-highlight-face-func 'spaceline-highlight-face-evil-state) ;; slant (requires srbg support) (setq-default ...

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