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Since this question was from a Spacemacs user, I assume it is using the which-key package. C-h n and C-h p for paging does work in this case for getting the next key entries and the previous ones, respectively. The user is asking specifically how to page when the prefix key used is ESC. In this case C-h might do something else. In my case, for example, C-M-...


For the Ansible layer to automatically enable ansible-doc-mode and the company-ansible backend, your buffer filename must match one of main.yml, site.yml, roles/.+\.yml, group_vars/.+, etc. See the regex at the bottom of ansible/config.el (v0.200.13) for exact patterns. In Emacs, you can manually enable ansible-doc-mode for the current buffer with M-x ...


(Disclaimer: I don't know if this is how Magit and Spacemacs actually work, but it fits my hypothesis.) When you magit-checkout a remote branch, magit can't know if the current file you have open in the buffer also exists in the remote branch. However, git-checkout changed the file, so a workaround (pointed out in a comment by MTS) is to revert the file (...


The irregular nature of those windows in your images and the lack of being able to manually resize them suggest you may be using a window-management minor mode such as golden-ratio ( or zoom ( Further clues to check: Do the windows resize themselves to make the active window larger ...


I think that putting something like that in user-init function will work: (with-eval-after-load 'org (setq org-log-done 'note)) Edit: org-mode -> org


This should be mitigated on the current develop branch because those limits were increased by 10X. When using undo-tree these variables are increased: undo-limit 800000 ;; previously 80000 undo-strong-limit 12000000 ;; previously 120000 undo-outer-limit 120000000 ;; previously 12000000 The change is at:

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