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Short answer: launch emacs directly from your shell ; chances are that both the latter and the former, in their current version, know how to handle ssh keyrings. On Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS / the latest ZSH and the latest Emacs, it works, Magit doesn't ask for the passphrase ; but if I use some menu system to launch Emacs, it then does. When you defer the ...


And not to forget the hint in the Tramp manual: Emacs computes the ‘dired’ options based on the local host but if the remote host cannot understand the same ls command, then set them with a hook as follows: (add-hook 'dired-before-readin-hook (lambda () (when (file-remote-p default-directory) (setq dired-actual-switches "-al"))))


Something like this works for me: (defconst tramp-connection-local-default-dired-switches '((dired-listing-switches . "-al") (dired-actual-switches . "-al")) "Default connection-local dired switches.") (connection-local-set-profile-variables 'tramp-connection-local-default-dired-switches tramp-connection-local-default-...

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