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Emacs TLS check is still ill-configured

I found this reddit comment, which states that the problem is Emacs built-in TLS doesn't reject bad certificates. It proposes using external TLS like this: (if (fboundp 'gnutls-available-p) (...
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Send email with gnus via ssl port 465

I had the same problem. Could send mail from home but not at university. I struggle with it for days. I was already using but I was using the port 587. Then changing to port 465 did the job. So may ...
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Accessing HTTPS sites with mac emacs 26.3

Your question is similar to the old one accessing MELPA/ELPA sites, also https - so there are two possible solutions to solve that: Upgrade to emacs version 26.3, this is solved there; - but seems to ...
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mu4e with second account with a different stream type fails to send messages

I found this fix of removing the quote from 'ssl: The actual problem is that the list of items in mu4e-account-alist is already quoted, so when one writes (smtpmail-stream-type 'ssl), what is ...
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M-x list-package fails with error "certificate could not be verified"

After much digging, I believe a common cause of this is likely a combination of two things: is misconfigured, sending its own certificate in duplicate before the issuer certificate - ...
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gnutls-negotiate: Certificate validation failed for [hostname] verification code 402

I tried gnutls-cli hostname -p 9001 to check if there actually was a problem with the cert (and not just my Emacs 25) and it turns out the certificate was expired. So it seems Emacs 24 didn't care ...
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