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Ref. your configuration: the variable python-indent is declared obsolete and not used anymore, so you need to replace it with python-indent-offset. Some people also complain about using lambda in hooks - in your case a simpler setting would be (setq python-indent-offset 4). It would be useful to use M-m to move on the first non-empty character in indented ...


I received help from the devs at github. Basically, at its default, dtrt-indent-mode does nothing if SMIE also is active. Even if dtrt-indent-mode is active. Activating it (even buffer-locally) always defers to SMIE if active, which it is in many programming language modes. This deferring can be overridden with dtrt-indent-run-after-smie. Here is the ...


dtrt-indent is a minor mode that will guess the indentation offset of a file and adjusts those local settings accordingly. It hooks in to several major modes, and works reasonably well. @Gauthier is wondering why dtrt-indent is inserting a TAB character to perform indentation after guessing, with 100% confidence, that the indentation offset is 4 SPACE ...


Looks like I somehow managed to switch to Tex mode, instead of LaTex mode. Changing to LaTex mode is easy: M-x latex-mode. Many thanks to @vonbrand for telling me to check the mode!

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