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Edit: I've added some Elisp code at the end of the answer that performs all of the changes mentioned and then evaluates the buffer it is run in. One way to get this effect is by making some simple modifications to Steve Purcell's page-break-lines.el. (To future-proof this answer as much as possible, I am referring specifically to this version of the file ...


You need to set solarized-scale-org-headlines to nil before loading the theme (setq solarized-scale-org-headlines nil) (load-theme 'solarized-zenburn t)


Thanks for your help. I have found one solution to this problem. It was sufficient to download the color-theme.el and the color-theme-library.el and to copy them in ~/.emacs.d/themes/. Together with the simplified code in one's .emacs file eliminate all errors at start-up. (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes/") (require 'color-theme) (eval-...


The function customize-create-theme only includes the faces listed in custom-theme--listed-faces. I guess you can set it to (face-list) to make it include more faces. However, there is a risk you might become overwhelmed, in my setup custom-theme--listed-faces contains 44 faces whereas 447 faces are defined. A side note: Some years ago I was pondering what ...

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