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Unfortunately, you're telling it to run the function at 04:00am today. Unless you evaluated that code between midnight and 4am, that's a target time in the past, and so Emacs runs it ASAP. The run-at-time code knows this is a bit dumb: ;; Handle "11:23pm" and the like. Interpret it as meaning today ;; which admittedly is rather stupid if we ...


Yes, that's the established technique. In my code I use temporary-file-directory instead, but this is just a detail.


You can set the mode line to be fixed with (setq-default mode-line-format "FOO") It will always show "FOO" and nothing else. I assume that if you do (setq-default mode-line-format '("" display-time-string org-mode-line-string org-timer-mode-line-string " " est-target)) and enable things appropriately (e.g. you have ...

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