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View timestamps in human readable format

There's a epoch-view minor mode on Elpa (credits to this thread), which you can install as usual. It's not very customizable though, so to have a different "face" and format you might have ...
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`define-key` redefines behavior of slow mouse click, but not fast mouse click

A mouse click results in multiple events. If you want the action to take place upon the button press, and the button-release to be ignored, you can use this, for example: (define-key org-mode-map [...
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Is time-stamp broken?

Local variables are only read when the file is opened or when the major mode of the buffer is set. See the "Local Variables in Files" section of the Emacs manual: (info "(emacs) File ...
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How to insert an org-deadline from lisp with a warning period?

Per NickD's comment this may well be a bug. In the meantime, it looks like this does what you're aiming for (or at least points you in the right direction): (defun dunne//add-deadline-warning (w) (...
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