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The command /usr/bin/ssh -o ControlPath=%C is used to check, whether your local ssh command accepts the ControlPath option. is a non-existing address; ssh shall return immediately with an error. In more recent Tramp versions, the blocking is avoided by using the command ssh -o ConnectTimeout=1 -o ControlPath=%C I recommend to upgrade ...


I accept the coments of @phils and @Stefan. We have to use ESC,if we are finding problem combination C-M-*.


Run C-c ! C-c for r-lintr and check the output. In my case, I discovered that flycheck was not finding the /home/user/.R/lintr_cache directory -- the problem went away once I created it.


Ubuntu 1. Download to your /usr/share/info directory. 2. From a terminal run update-info-dir command. 3. From emacs C-h i m Elisp (capital E).

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