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How to configure Emacs to display missing Unicode symbols

Self-answer after some digging: Here is some code to print out how Emacs renders one or more characters in all available fonts: ; to find fonts for a given character, interactively execute print-all-...
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Unicode input from keyboard (QMK) to Emacs

Here is an alternative solution that doesn't need special workarounds. This provides a function to trick emacs so that it accepts the unicode sequence: ;; enable standard linux unicode input (define-...
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Can't save file that contain German character ß in Emacs?

I think that this happened because I've updated my system while the Emacs was running. Restarting Emacs solved the issue.
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Unicode displayed incorrectly

I see the same as you, but AFAICS it's just the font that I (and maybe you) are using. Try a different font. n.b. The following appears (to me) to be 'fixed' in my web browser, because my web browser ...
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