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I have not found any existing solution to do that and come up with my own: ;; Inspired by (defun fetch-and-load-elisp (pkg-name pkg-files base-url base-dir) (let ((pkg-dir (concat (file-name-as-directory base-dir) (symbol-name pkg-name)))) (require 'url) (add-to-list 'load-path ...


Reading the source code (of multiple-cursors) helped me with this one. :) This key is defined in file multiple-cursors-core.el and the end of this file provides the feature multiple-cursors-core, so you have to use-package this feature. (use-package multiple-cursors-core :bind (:map mc/keymap ("<return>" . nil)))


The answer is present on use-packages's GitHub page under section "Notes about lazy loading". To quote, In almost all cases you don't need to manually specify :defer t. This is implied whenever :bind or :mode or :interpreter is used. Typically, you only need to specify :defer if you know for a fact that some other package will do something to cause your ...

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