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Window Point Reset After Update

Trying your example with emacs -Q (no init file), but after changing (get-buffer-window-list buf) to (get-buffer-window-list buf nil t), seems to work for me. IOW, change optional arg ALL-FRAMES to t. ...
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Inconsistent point in an elisp program and in a visible non-focused process buffer

The following solves the problem inside my process filter. It sets the window point for every window visiting the process buffer to be the process mark, which I force to be at the end. (mapcar (...
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How can I get the value of left top and right bottom point value of current window?

This is described in chapter The Window Start and End Positions of the elisp manual. Specifically: -- Function: window-start &optional window This function returns the display-start ...
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windmove: write a function to move two times (e.g. down and right)?

After reading the code in the windmove.el, I found following solution. Thanks for your suggestion, @lawlist (defun windmove-diagonal (&optional arg) (interactive "P") (windmove-jump 'left '...
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