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If you use Icicles then you can use command icicle-select-window to switch to windows by name, using completion. icicle-select-window is an interactive compiled Lisp function in icicles-cmd1.el. (icicle-select-window) Select window by its name. With no prefix arg, candidate windows are those of the selected frame. With a prefix arg: ...


You could try psession package. I find it fills exactly my needs. In your init file : (psession-mode 1) ;; For saving minibuffer history, as a replacement of savehist-mode. (psession-savehist-mode 1) ;; to save periodically (autosave) your emacs session, (psession-autosave-mode 1) Best, Samusz


What Org emits here is a printed representation of an otherwise opaque window object. While you can serialize a window to a string, you cannot go back from the string to the window. You can recognize such data types by their printed representation looking like #<...>, see


This is a snippet from @arne-babenhauserheide's site for making the frame urgent in X11, while it works it's not portable. (defun my-frame-urgent-hint-set--for-x11 (frame arg &optional source) "Set the x11-urgency hint for the frame to arg: - If arg is nil, unset the urgency. - If arg is any other value, set the urgency. If you unset the urgency, ...

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