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You can use window-start and window-end to get the buffer positions of the portion that is visible in a window.


(This isn't really an answer, it's more like an optimization, using the "Answer" box just for its formatting). Your solution's approach seems good to me. Here is how I would write it: (seq-find ;; or -first if you prefer dash.el (lambda (win) (and (window-live-p win) (with-selected-window win (and (null (window-in-...


If this were about the size of the minibuffer/echo-area window then this might be the answer: M-x customize-option resize-mini-windows. C-h v resize-mini-windows tells us: resize-mini-windows is a variable defined in C source code. Its value is grow-only Documentation: How to resize mini-windows (the minibuffer and the echo area). A value of nil means don'...

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