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I think you are actually looking for publishing of projects. This does not only work for HTML but also for LaTeX. Projects are managed in org-publish-project-alist. Each entry of that list is one project. There you specify things like project path, publishing path, whether to create latex files that can be translated separately or body only files that can ...


If you're using use-package just add the following to your~/.emacs file: (use-package writeroom-mode :ensure t :init (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'writeroom-mode) :after org) If you're not using use-package then just put the following line somewhere in your ~/.emacs file: (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'writeroom-mode)


Go to the beginning of your text and press C-M-%. That key sequence is bound to the command query-replace-regexp. Give \([+-]?[0-9]+\|\_<[[:alpha:]]\)/\([+-]?[0-9]+\|[[:alpha:]]\_>\) as search string and {\1 \\over \2} as replacement and press RET. Note that this searches for integers maybe composed of several digits and with optional sign + or -. ...

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