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How can I control the order of entries in the YASnippet menu?

The easiest way would be to "sort" the entries in yas-minor-mode-map. Here is a sample demo for org-mode yasnippet snippets. Before After While visiting an org file, do M-: and copy paste ...
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Is there a default folder for yas-snippets?

From the doc: yas-snippet-dirs is a variable defined in ‘yasnippet.el’. List of top-level snippet directories. Each element, a string or a symbol whose value is a string, designates a top-level ...
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Call an interactive elisp-function inside an YaSnippet

In general, you can use call-interactively to invoke an interactive command from Lisp code, drawing the required arguments from whatever sources are specified in the (interactive) declaration at the ...

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