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weird characters in shell mode with zsh

The control sequences ^[[?2004h and ^[[?2004l turn bracketed paste mode on and off. Shell mode doesn't support bracketed paste mode (with these or any other control sequences), so zsh shouldn't try ...
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Package `exec-path-from-shell` isn't setting PATH variables from `.zshenv` on MacOS

You should remove :defer f, because you don't want exec-path-from-shell to be defer loaded and you are going to use function from it when Emacs starts. Try something like the following (use-package ...
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Displaying a second buffer with a shell?

Is it correct to assume that you're new to Emacs? If yes, are you aware of how Emacs manages windows and that the term 'window' does not refer to what you think it does? The concepts 'windows' and '...
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sh-script-mode: get [[ ... ]] pair expansion to automatically include whitespace?

You could try smartparens. With the settings below: Pressing [ SPC becomes [ | ] Pressing [ [ SPC becomes [[ | ]] Selecting foo and pressing [ becomes [ foo ] Pressing [ a second time becomes [[ foo ]...
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zsh expansion modifiers are treated as comments

You want to look at sh-syntax-propertize-function where it currently uses the regexp "\\(?:[^|&;<>()``\\\"' \t\n]\\|\\${\\)\\(#+\\)" to match those # chars which should not be considered as ...
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How can i use a different shell in Emacs Shell?

You can explicitly set which shell M-xshell uses by customizing explicit-shell-file-name If your zsh config causes problems with shell you might try M-x term or ansi-term instead which may play ...
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TRAMP doesn't know some of the remote commands

Your $PATH settings in your init file are not taken into account per default. Try the following: (add-to-list 'tramp-remote-path 'tramp-own-remote-path) See also the Tramp manual discussing this ...
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Open file in existing GUI Emacs from shell

Answering my own question; I had a server running that I was not aware of. brew services list After stopping it with brew services stop emacs-plus or brew services stop emacs, I was able to ...
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Executable image-dired-cmd-create-thumbnail-program not found on Darwin, macOS

This is usually caused by GUI apps on macOS only inherit the default minimal environment variables. You can check this by run M-: (getenv "PATH") and M-: (executable-find image-dired-cmd-...
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Run latexmk inside z shell instead of shell

I don't think it has anything to do with zsh vs sh. I believe it has to do with subprocessess of emacs not having the path required to find the biber executable, whereas interactive shells apparently ...
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Indentation of one-line zsh for loops

If sh-use-smie is set to t the Simple Minded Indentation Engine (SMIE) is used for indentation. As you experience, the sh-mode setup for SMIE does not cover all the alternate complex commands of zsh ...
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Displaying a second buffer with a shell?

Absolutely. Turn on shell-script-mode/sh-mode in the scriptfile buffer, perhaps switch to zsh with C-c : for sh-set-shell (could change the first line of your script), and maybe mark some lines and ...
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Emacs incompatible with oh-my-zsh?

I found the problem. As I mentioned in the ticket, I was setting the variable EMACS myself in .zshenv to help setup PATH. As it happens termsupport.zsh also uses this variable name internally. All I ...
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emacs theme changes when i moved to zsh from bash

Are $TERM environment variables same value ? If its value is different from each other. It causes different looking.
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