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The generic concept of automatically saving information to the disk or to a remote server, triggered by a timer or any other event inside of Emacs.
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the `Bourne again Shell`, one of the more common Unix shell languages. This tag should be used for questions about editing bash scripts in Emacs, or writing bash scripts that invoke Emacs them…
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The bash-completion package by Stephane Zermatten
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Running Emacs non-interactively via the `--batch` command-line option.
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a mechanism for storing locations to things, including files, allowing users to quickly return to them.
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editing in Emacs resides in an object called a buffer. Each time you visit a file, a buffer is used to hold the file's text. Each time you invoke Dired, a buffer is used to hold the d…
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Building Emacs from source
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is for the Emacs Lisp compiler in Emacs that compiles lisp code to byte-code for faster execution compared to uncompiled lisp code. Byte-compiled code is read by the byte-code interpreter.
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is for C source code editing, completions, formatting, compiling, folding, searching, executing, syntax checking, debugging, and other modern IDE features that Emacs supports.
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