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Helm version of swiper. Swiper package for GNU Emacs that gives you an overview as you search for a regex.
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SX is a StackExchange client for Emacs
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Following or manipulating symbolic links in the underlying file system.
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is for grammar, structure, and order of language elements. Emacs provides many facilities for correcting syntax errors, building complex syntactic structures from simpler ones, and applying rules of c…
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is the feature of displaying text, especially source code, in different colors and fonts according to the meaning of different terms.
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is an Emacs Lisp data structure in which each character's syntactic role is defined. Other Emacs facilities, such as font lock, navigation, parsing, etc., scan these syntax tables to determine where w…
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Integration of the Emacs server with systemd
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Tabbar is a minor mode that displays a tab bar at the top, similar to the idea of web browser’s tabs.
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for questions relating to the TAB key on your keyboard (i.e., the physical key). Don't use the tab tag for this: that tag refers to the tab character (i.e., "\t") in a file.
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Question about making, using, and editing tables inside of Emacs. This tag is meant mainly for table.el tables as described in the Emacs manual, but it should also be used for generic table questions.…
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Questions about the inserting/manipulating/displaying TAB characters in Emacs files. Do not use this tag for questions related to browser style "tabs".
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Questions related to the Talon Voice software talonvoice.com/
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for questions about tangling code in Emacs org-mode. Tangling is the process of extracting source code from code blocks from an org-mode file into programs for execution by a computer. …
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is for the Emacs text terminal emulator, which by default runs in a sub-shell in a buffer named `*terminal*` with `term-mode`. `M-x term` command starts a terminal.
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Emacs can run entirely inside of a TTY terminal, by using the `-nw` flag at startup, or by compiling emacs with the `--without-x` flag.
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is for termcap and terminfo capabilities in Emacs. The termcap entry for terminal type `emacs` is ordinarily put in the `TERMCAP` environment variable of subshells.
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Termux is a Linux terminal environment for Android. Its package manager provides a terminal version of Emacs.
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Software testing is any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system and determining that it meets its required results.
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Working with TeX documents
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The basic major mode for (La)TeX included in GNU Emacs. Not to be confused with AUCTeX, a common third-party package.
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Questions about editing or manipulating text inside of Emacs.
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