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is for any text property, such as `face`, that Emacs can associate with text. Emacs moves, copies, or displays the text using the text properties, which are specified as name-value pairs along with th…
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Questions about using, creating, and modifying color themes and custom themes.
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is for time of day, handling date and time formats, interfacing with the operating system for date and time values, converting time zones, and calculating date and time arithmetic.
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TRAMP is ‘Transparent Remote (file) Access, Multiple Protocol’ for editing remote files from Emacs.
411 questions
Using Emacs to translate documents
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to be used for questions relating to the use of treemacs, a tree-layout file explorer tool for Emacs.
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for questions about using and installing Emacs in the Ubuntu Linux operating system.
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62 questions
Unicode is a standard for the encoding, representation and handling of text with the intention of supporting all the characters required for written text incorporating all writing systems, technical s…
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The `url` package is used to retrieve URLs and is standard in GNU Emacs.
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is a macro package to isolate Emacs configuration lines in the init file. By isolating related lines, the configuration performs better and is easier to maintain.
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refers to the pitch of a `font` or a `face` in Emacs. It is specified as the number of characters printed per inch. For fixed width fonts, the pitch is constant. For variable fonts, the pitch varies. …
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for variables in Emacs Lisp, which are symbols with values. The symbol’s name is also called the variable name. Most variable names, by convention, consist of lowercase, ordinary words separated by hy…
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