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`vc.el` is a generic version control interface that comes with Emacs. It supports Git, CVS, RCS, SRC, GNU Subversion, Bzr, Mercurial, Monotone and SCCS (CSSC)
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Wanderlust is a mail reader for Emacs.
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web-mode.el is a major mode for editing HTML templates containing parts (CSS, JavaScript) and blocks (server/client side engines)
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for questions about handling white or blank spaces. Besides space characters, Emacs is configured to handle the following as white space characters: tabs, indents, newlines that create blank space bet…
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In Emacs, a window is one part of a frame, displaying one buffer. For questions about operating system windows, see the tag 'frame.
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is for splitting an Emacs window into two. Multiple windows can display different buffers, or different parts of one buffer. Emacs has several default key bindings for splitting windows.
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