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The text you are editing in Emacs resides in an object called a buffer. Each time you visit a file, a buffer is used to hold the file's text. Each time you invoke Dired, a buffer is used to hold the d…
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Building Emacs from source
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is for the Emacs Lisp compiler in Emacs that compiles lisp code to byte-code for faster execution compared to uncompiled lisp code. Byte-compiled code is read by the byte-code interpreter.
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is for C source code editing, completions, formatting, compiling, folding, searching, executing, syntax checking, debugging, and other modern IDE features that Emacs supports.
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Questions related to the C++ language or the cc-mode
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Calculator mode: Calculator major mode.
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is for the desk calendar in Emacs, which also provides a diary for events that can be used for managing projects and appointments. `M-x calendar` displays an interactive calendar for picking dates in …
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calfw is a calendar framework for emacs. It can display information from org, ical files, the diary, hown...
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Major mode for C, C++, Objective-C, Java, CORBA IDL, Pike, AWK. Included in GNU Emacs and XEmacs.
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CEDET is a Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools written with the end goal of creating an advanced development environment in Emacs
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Character encoding refers to the way characters are represented as a series of bytes
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Questions about checkdoc, a linter for Emacs Lisp programs that checks for errors in documentation and style.
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Cider is a mode for interacting with Clojure. As Slime does for Common Lisp, Cider does for Clojure.
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for questions about functions, macros, and variables defined in cl-lib. Furthermore, use it for questions about the package cl-lib.el itself, about the old package cl.el and about the co…
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Clojure is a modern Lisp dialect for the Java Virtual Machine (with versions for the CLR and JavaScript).
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