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refers to TAB completions (or other keystroke shortcuts) to selecting the target element from a list of many. Often useful for menus, navigations, searching, jumping, folding, and other forms of "narr…
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Questions specifically about configuration files other than the init file. Do not use this tag for questions about how to configure something, only for questions specifically about the configuration f…
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is about the editor operations cut, copy, and paste as they apply to Emacs. In Emacs, cut is called "kill" and paste is called "yank" (but Emacs enhances the standard cut and paste behavior).
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A tool that indexes the symbols (functions, variables, classes, and class methods) of various programming languages.
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Cua-mode allows one to use ‘C-v’, ‘C-c’, and ‘C-x’ to paste, copy, and cut the region.
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is for the cursor display and cursor moving operations in Emacs. The cursor point features prominently in Emacs for editing, selecting, and navigating around Emacs buffers.
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for questions about modifying a particular action or task within Emacs.
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Moving forward or backward among a set of things, to act on members successively. Can pertain to any kind of Emacs thing: buffers, windows, fonts, files, characters, completion candidates, colors,... …
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Starting Emacs in daemon mode
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a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program.