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A tool that indexes the symbols (functions, variables, classes, and class methods) of various programming languages.
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Cua-mode allows one to use ‘C-v’, ‘C-c’, and ‘C-x’ to paste, copy, and cut the region.
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is for the cursor display and cursor moving operations in Emacs. The cursor point features prominently in Emacs for editing, selecting, and navigating around Emacs buffers.
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Use for questions about the built-in GUI customization features
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for questions about modifying a particular action or task within Emacs.
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Moving forward or backward among a set of things, to act on members successively. Can pertain to any kind of Emacs thing: buffers, windows, fonts, files, characters, completion candidates, colors,... …
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Cyphejor allows shortening major mode names using a set of user-defined rules.
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Starting Emacs in daemon mode
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dash.el is library of list processing functions, function combinators, and anaphoric macros, often inspired by Clojure's standard library. It is available on GNU ELPA.
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Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program.
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