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a global list of blocks of text that were previously copied or moved from buffers.
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is for grammar, structure, and order of language elements. Emacs provides many facilities for correcting syntax errors, building complex syntactic structures from simpler ones, and applying rules of c…
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For questions related to saving and restoring Emacs session data with `desktop-save-mode` and related functions.
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Calculator mode: Calculator major mode.
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GNU Project Debugger - Start it via `M-x gdb` to run the debugger on Ada, C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal, Fortran, Java and other languages.
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an Emacs presentation feature that alters the appearance of a buffer’s text on the screen, without changing the buffer content
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Question about making, using, and editing tables inside of Emacs.
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The generic concept of automatically saving information to the disk or to a remote server, triggered by a timer or any other event inside of Emacs.
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Starting Emacs in daemon mode
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set automatically from -*-specifications-*- or "Local Variables:" specifications when visiting a buffer. These specifications are included in the file itself and therefore onl…