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Recursive load error in csharp mode on upgrading to 24.4
9 votes

My problem was that the byte-compiled version of csharp-mode wasn't compatible with the upgrade. It seems it's a good idea to recompile all files on upgrading emacs, see this question: https://...

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yaml-mode empties whitespace lines
2 votes

With help from @wvxvw, the problem wasn't yaml-mode, but my before-save-hooks. That listed prelude-cleanup-maybe as the only entry. Disabling prelude-clean-whitespace-on-save fixed the problem. With ...

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Diagnose laggy typing in csharp-mode
Accepted answer
1 votes

With help from nanny and jordan biondo, I profiled, entered some newlines in a class, and found the following: I don't tend to use imenu anyway, so I customised csharp-want-imenu to nil, rebooted, ...

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Painfully slow encoding popup with "temp file" when creating new file
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0 votes

This continued, with variations, for years. It didn't happen on my other machines that sync'd the same dotfiles. I finally fixed it by deleting a bunch of the files under ~.emacs.d\savefile. Will ...

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