Michael Johnson

I've been programming professionally since 1990, first in C, then C++, and now in PHP. I've been doing proprietary web app development in PHP full time since 2003. I've seen PEAR come and go, used Zend Framework 1.x, and am now using Composer to bring in the likes of Slim, Symfony, Aura, and whatever else is useful today. I'm pretty well versed with databases and SQL, specifically MySQL using InnoDB, although I'm considering switching to Amazon Aurora and/or Maria DB. I also have quite a bit of experience with Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS for front-end work. I use Emacs almost exclusively for all my programming work.

A few years ago I started work on a legacy PHP project. I've spent the time slowing modernizing it. We've recently (2016) started a major round of UI updates, which will likely continue for some time. I'm actively creating an internal API that the new front end (written with jQuery and Telerik's Kendo UI) uses.

Previously I spent some time with C#, .NET, and WCF/RIA in a project that used Silverlight as the front end. Of course, as went Silverlight, so did the project.

I also have a smattering of design experience, having done most of the design work for several of our web apps. Our graphic artists make it pretty with graphics, but I do the design.

I recently started a blog (my listed website), which I intend to keep fairly programming related. I haven't blogged consistently yet, but I'd like to at some point.

Outside of programming, I dabble in music creation and 3D rendering. I've recently picked up a MIDI keyboard to help with the music and for the 3D stuff I love raytracing with POV-Ray, which you can see at my deviantArt account, linked from my website (on the About page).