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Those who know me know I like hats, and I wear many of them.

I am a professional musician with performances worldwide from North America to Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo, from the Ambassador Auditorium in Los Angeles to Lincoln Center in New York.

I am a data analytic programmer. I support neuroscience research at the Sulzer Laboratory at Columbia University.

As a musician, I focus on contemporary classical piano music. I produce recordings released on Composers Concordance Records and my own label, Steel Wig Records. I'm a Voting Member of The Recording Academy and vote in the Grammy Awards.

I am a technologist with 20 years of experience as a database administrator and programmer. In addition to my work at Columbia, I provide data strategy consultation in the arts. I help clients improve operations and profitability through systems design and integration. Currently, I'm migrating donor data for The Center for Book Arts into Salesforce.

I enjoy merging my worlds of art and technology. My publishing imprint, Steel Wig Press, produces artists books which I typeset in LaTeX, and lately, I'm pretty turned on by linear algebra, Music Information Retrieval, and Digital Signal Processing. My Python notebooks with experiments about Fourier analysis of piano tones are on GitHub, as is my work in progress for the Sulzer Lab at Columbia.

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